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I purposely waited 1 year after to share my frustration with my experience with my services at Extreme Audio. I was basically ignored after the fact spending over $1,900.00 on amplifier and two subwoofer to upgraded my car stereo sound on my BMW 745i system, by simply they not returning my message via phone call and emails after Rob assign one of he's "unquote" team expert promising to help me find a solution to complex I drive system on my vehicle. so I the end after a about a 2 month waiting, I personally remove the equipment from my vehicle, readjusted my car seat belt which was not placed back properly. In all fairness they do have knowledge of sound but on basic vehicle and if want that top bass fever might want to purchase the whole unit from top to bottom. Bottom line I was promise to much and made you feel like a value customer but after you spend your money Good luck!

Posted By: Luis Oyola

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