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I just had systems installed in two cars, and what I learned is Rob Lewis has extreme pride in his business and genuinely wants you to be completely satisfied. I've installed my own systems for decades, but reached an age where I don't want to do it anymore. This started with looking for a complete system for my son's car. When shopping for an installer, I was immediately struck by how knowledgeable and honest Rob is. Even though I was committed to shopping around, I decided there was no reason to look further, I knew Extreme Audio was going to do a quality install. When we picked up the car, Rob demoed the system. I swear he was more excited than we were about it! He gave a grand tour of the installation and I was blown away. I was struck by little things like installing the amps on spacers, which I would have done myself, but no other installer would have without being instructed. The alignment of cables on the amp was pristine. There wasn't a single wire jacket left on the carpet anywhere. Their standard install exceeded what I would have done myself, which is quite a statement. I was so impressed that I had them do an install in a my vehicle, which I wasn't really even considering in the first place. That install took a little longer than anticipated, but Rob's staff stayed late to finish. Even at that, it was getting late and I had to leave. Instead of them trying to rush to get out of there, they asked if I minded coming back. This again speaks to the common theme that they want to do a quality job and ensure your satisfaction. Overnight, I checked things out, and I had noticed a wrinkle on the rug in my trunk and figured I'd try to adjust that when they were finished. The next day, Rob saw it as well and came to me to say he noticed it and wasn't happy with it. He asked my permission to cut the carpet so it would look perfect. Who else do that? They offer many other items other than audio, which really makes them more of a candy shop for guys! I will definitely be going back in the future and would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone. In a world where you have big box stores that don't know what they are selling and just want you to pay and move on, it is very refreshing to see a local business available to us that actually has integrity.

Posted By: Andrew

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