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I went to there shop to try to trouble shoot my stereo. Rob and his staff were more than helpfull they did not try to push me in any way I ended up buying a new amp and did the in stall my self after I was experiencing some issues tuning Rob had no problems fixing the issues .Fast forward a week my system starting sounding like garbage no falt of extream lol .I went back and shawn took one look at my system that was not professionally installed and decided that the whole thing needed to be rewired after the install was done my system sonded great shawn did a outstanding job everything was clean neat and now I love driving my jeep once again the guys at extreme were amazing the only place I will ever go for my car audio needs Rob Shawn are top notch and professional throw and throw thanks again

Posted By: Teddy Date of Posting: Jun 09th, 2016

STOP: before you even think of shopping anywhere else!!! I am a 60 year old rock n roll enthusiast. I would consider myself as a veteran cosmic rocker who enjoys his Alice Cooper or Jethro Tull or what ever hard rock I may want to be cranking at all times while in my car to be loud but crisp and clean. Extreme Audio "is" the only place anyone should ever bring there car or truck for the finest high performance sound you will find on this planet, period. I am also a bit of a kind of guy that enjoys feeling good about the people I am doing business with and handing money to. Rob Lewis couldn't be any nicer to a customer if he tried and the experience and knowledge he has obtained over his longevity is too good to even put in words, just go see for yourself. I watched him over the years treat all of his customers in a way in which deserves this testimonial. He has done every car I have had since he has been in business, (which seems like a hundred years) and I have been blown away with every single one. Now lets get into the shop. Shawn and the rest of his crew are insanely professional and as detailed as there is to be found. I am talking, sickly detailed! I do not normally take the time to right something like this but after getting my car back yesterday from another pro job I feel very compelled to tell as many people about Extreme Audio & Performance as I can. This is the place people. Barry W Silkowski

Posted By: Barry W Silkowski Date of Posting: May 25th, 2016

i first used extreme audio back in 2000 when they put in a remote starter for one of my cars and had a small problem with it and they took me right in a fixed and did not have any more problems and had the car for many many years. and lately i had a new car and with the radio i had in it from the factory every 3 to 6 mos. had to go to the dealer ship for a update so i stop by the store and talk to them and he set me right up and now i have a great new radio that works great all the time and the sound is out of this world . and no more trips to the dealer ship every 3 to 6 mos i will always trust them with my cars and to get the greats deal for my money. and will be back later for some more work i plan to do.

Posted By: Robert Anderson Date of Posting: Apr 26th, 2016

If you need anything audio or vehicle related Extreme is the place to go. Rob has run the best install shop in CT for years. And Shawn is a first rate tech that knows products and specs inside and out. Fantastic same day service for almost any application. Shawn is first class. Rob runs the best operation out there. Go see the guys at Extreme. Or else you are wasting valuable time and money$

Posted By: Brian Miltz Date of Posting: Apr 02nd, 2016

I was installing a car stereo and thought I was going to have to splice wires out in the cold. These guys showed me a way to do it in my house so I could just plug and play. They have a great attitude, and are very friendly. they just want to make you happy. THESE GUYS ROCK !!!!!

Posted By: OB Date of Posting: Mar 12th, 2016

I checked Like 4 places for prices on a remote starter for my Subaru Forester. They were all the same. All of them had an installation waiting list and you had to leave your car for the day except for Extreme Audio. They did it the next day and I could stay and wait. They installed it in exactly the 2hrs. they said it would take. There was a nice waiting room and Rob,the owner, was a super nice guy and very professional! I am really happy with the whole experience and the product. I would highly recommend this place to anyone!

Posted By: Scott martin Date of Posting: Jan 16th, 2016

I had a car starter and DVD player installed in my car. I was very pleased with the service and customer service. All of my questions were answered and they took their time explaining things to me in an uncomplicated way. What I was impressed the most with was how honest they were they never tried to oversell or take advantage of me being a women. The quality of work was good and they gave me back my car the same way I gave it to time CLEAN. I live in New Britain but would gladly take the trip to manchester to have all of my audio work done here.

Posted By: Dawne H. Date of Posting: Nov 13th, 2015

Rob and the guys at extreme audio did a great job when putting my new head unit in made it look really good and they helped me out with an issue I was having with my car starter I did not get it from them but he was a great guy and he always wants to help people I would highly recommend them to anybody they are very good at what they do and I will be going back many times they are the only ones I trust to work on my vehicles.

Posted By: Troy Date of Posting: Oct 06th, 2015

Not only are these guys the best, but they are the ONLY people I trust with my trucks.(And for anyone who knows me, that speaks volumes.My trucks are my babies.) The work they do is superb,the atmosphere is clean, and above all,Rob and Shawn are two of the nicest, most honest and fair guys I have ever met. They will explain their work until you understand, and they will help problem solve if any do arise.5 stars all across the board.

Posted By: Jayne Date of Posting: Jun 26th, 2015

I have been meaning to write about Rob and his awesome crew. We had 2 new Stereo systems installed in our vehicles last year 2014.They are professionals and are extremely educated on what product would work for you. The Testimonies from other customers makes me happy to say: "Ditto"! In addition, we feel part of the Extreme Audio Family... Because whenever we have a question or a problem on how to use the Audio System Rob or Crew is there to assist us. That is Awesome!!! We won't go anywhere else and neither should you. Especially, if you are shopping around to see which Audio store you should go to.Thank You So much! To Sum this up: You Otta go to Extreme Audio Only! :) Sincerely Pleased, The Hardie's

Posted By: Garfield and Laurie Hardie Date of Posting: May 30th, 2015

Rob and his team did a great job repairing a poor stereo/backup camera installation done elsewhere. Rob gave a clear estimate of time and expense, showed me the work in progress, and completed the work according to plan. I was very satisfied with the experience and would highly recommend Extreme Audio to others.

Posted By: Meghan H. Date of Posting: Jul 16th, 2014

I was referred to this company by my mechanic. I first spoke to the owner over the phone a few days ago,(to get a vibe for they type of person he was before I decided whether or not I wanted to give them my business) and he seemed very personable and professional. I met with them today to have a car alarm installed which was a new experience for me and a topic I know nothing about. The owner was just as personable and professional in person as he appeared over the phone and although I had limited interation with the rest of the staff, what little I had was also very impressive for the same reasons. I dealt with the owner directly who was a straight shooter and informed me all of my options yet offered no pressure- allowing me to decide what worked best for me ( as far as what I needed and what I did not need, for there were many more options than I had anticipated). The work was completed within the time frame they had informed me of and I left feeling very confident that I chose the right place of business for what I needed.

Posted By: Mike Date of Posting: May 27th, 2014

great customer service, fast friendly. got the job done right and exactly how i wanted it. they made sure they new what i wanted from start to end.they get the job done right and quickly! HIGHLY RECOMEND!!!!!! THURAL,VERY GOOD JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted By: sean sequist Date of Posting: May 01st, 2014

I've been a repeat customer for a while now and I can honestly say that Rob and all the staff at Extreme Audio and Performance is top notch. I was having issues with my subwoofer box and returned to the shop on several occasions. Each time Rob or Sean went above and beyond to take care of my needs. In the end I walked away with an amazing sounding stereo that was beyond my expectations. Customer service goes a long way with me, and I can say with certainty that I am a life-long customer.

Posted By: Jeff Baker Date of Posting: May 01st, 2014

I purposely waited 1 year after to share my frustration with my experience with my services at Extreme Audio. I was basically ignored after the fact spending over $1,900.00 on amplifier and two subwoofer to upgraded my car stereo sound on my BMW 745i system, by simply they not returning my message via phone call and emails after Rob assign one of he's "unquote" team expert promising to help me find a solution to complex I drive system on my vehicle. so I the end after a about a 2 month waiting, I personally remove the equipment from my vehicle, readjusted my car seat belt which was not placed back properly. In all fairness they do have knowledge of sound but on basic vehicle and if want that top bass fever might want to purchase the whole unit from top to bottom. Bottom line I was promise to much and made you feel like a value customer but after you spend your money Good luck!

Posted By: Luis Oyola Date of Posting: Apr 12th, 2014

Had a great experience at Extreme Audio today - I called this AM & they were able to fit me in for same-day installation of a new stereo w/USB & Bluetooth in my mom's car, which we're taking on a road trip this weekend. Rob helped me pick a stereo that would be easy for my mother to use and fit my budget, and his installer had the work done in around an hour. They even fixed her broken clock for me too. These guys are quick and helpful and I would definitely use them again.

Posted By: Sadie Date of Posting: Mar 12th, 2014

Extreme Audio is not only the best car audio store I have been to, it is one of the best businesses I have ever been to period. Some words that come to mind are quality, professional, honest, loyal, fair, thorough, respectful and caring. Their caliber of work is phenomenal, and they don't miss a single detail. I came to Rob and his team after getting ripped off by another car audio business in Branford, CT. I thought I knew what I was doing, I did my research. However, a lot of this stuff happens behind the scenes and is very technical, so what I didn't see, I didn't know. Things started to go wrong very quickly. To put things lightly it was a disaster, a disaster that I had spent thousands of dollars on. A friend referred me to Rob and his team. I mention his team because they are as knowledgeable as he is. Pete worked on my car and I will never have anyone else touch it but him. Not only did he treat my car like it was his own, he took so much care in everything he did to make sure it was done correctly. He then took me through, step by step, everything he had done in my car and explained it in a way that I could understand. I could tell that weather a car is worth $1000 or $100,000 it will be treated by the staff as if it were their own. After spending so much money on my first installation I was budget conscious when I got to Rob. He worked with me and helped me keep the price low. Rob is a genuinely nice guy and wants to see his customers happy. He loves music and I can tell he views it as an art. Rob and every member of his team take so much pride in their work. Extreme Audio is VERY clean and professionally set up with many different decks, speakers and subwoofers to hear before installation. I really can't say enough about how grateful I am to him and his team and I will NEVER take my car anywhere else. For any job, big or small, this is where I'm going. Thanks guys!

Posted By: Joe Panfine Date of Posting: Feb 16th, 2014

I just had systems installed in two cars, and what I learned is Rob Lewis has extreme pride in his business and genuinely wants you to be completely satisfied. I've installed my own systems for decades, but reached an age where I don't want to do it anymore. This started with looking for a complete system for my son's car. When shopping for an installer, I was immediately struck by how knowledgeable and honest Rob is. Even though I was committed to shopping around, I decided there was no reason to look further, I knew Extreme Audio was going to do a quality install. When we picked up the car, Rob demoed the system. I swear he was more excited than we were about it! He gave a grand tour of the installation and I was blown away. I was struck by little things like installing the amps on spacers, which I would have done myself, but no other installer would have without being instructed. The alignment of cables on the amp was pristine. There wasn't a single wire jacket left on the carpet anywhere. Their standard install exceeded what I would have done myself, which is quite a statement. I was so impressed that I had them do an install in a my vehicle, which I wasn't really even considering in the first place. That install took a little longer than anticipated, but Rob's staff stayed late to finish. Even at that, it was getting late and I had to leave. Instead of them trying to rush to get out of there, they asked if I minded coming back. This again speaks to the common theme that they want to do a quality job and ensure your satisfaction. Overnight, I checked things out, and I had noticed a wrinkle on the rug in my trunk and figured I'd try to adjust that when they were finished. The next day, Rob saw it as well and came to me to say he noticed it and wasn't happy with it. He asked my permission to cut the carpet so it would look perfect. Who else do that? They offer many other items other than audio, which really makes them more of a candy shop for guys! I will definitely be going back in the future and would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone. In a world where you have big box stores that don't know what they are selling and just want you to pay and move on, it is very refreshing to see a local business available to us that actually has integrity.

Posted By: Andrew Date of Posting: Feb 13th, 2014

Coming home from work I stopped in to Extreme Audio because my car starter would not work for the past few days. When I stopped in I explained what was going on and that I did not purchase the car starter there and offered to pay for it. Rob and his technicians really took care of me in about 5 minutes and refused the money. I can see that this place is not after peoples money but is trying to make a name for themselves. I will definitely be going back to get work done there. Thank you Rob and Crew.... Joel

Posted By: Joel Date of Posting: Feb 06th, 2014

I can't say enough about Rob and his team, Sean. I had extensive damage done to my brand new vehicle by another audio store, I had no heat and my windshield wipers wouldn't work after the other shop installed my remote starter! I found out through Rob and his team that my ignition switch had been damaged, the wires factory-installed were cut, and left hanging there, screws to my steering wheel were left missing and my steering wheel plate wasn't completely put back on correctly with a big space in the middle. I I also have been sold a bypass module that they never even installed in the car and then they charged me a $100 for it !!I f itwasn't for Rob and his team,I never would have known that,and or the extent of the damage that was done that could only be repaired by a car dealer, which cost me a lot of money just to repair the damage that was done. I can't say enough about Rob is team for walking me through what damage had been done and staying on the phone with me,and with the car dealer to explain to them what facts they found,they even took pictures for me. When you want work done Right, these are the guys. Can't say enough good things about Rob and Team as Tina Turner said ....."Simply The Best".

Posted By: Exelee Date of Posting: Jan 03rd, 2014

Rob and his team are great. My entire family uses Extreme audio's shop,and we recommend them to everyone we know. Everyone is always kind and helpful. In fact @ my last visit Rob showed us such an act of kindness and we weren't charged for a test that would normally cost $300+!! Being a loyal costumer is so easy with the great service we always receive!

Posted By: Thalia P Date of Posting: Jan 01st, 2014

Rob spent a lot of time going over the installation and new equipment with me. Clean install and everything works great! I Will definetly use his shop again.

Posted By: Brandon Date of Posting: Dec 14th, 2013

Rob sold me just what I needed and never tried to upsell. And when there was something about the installation I did not like, he quickly took care of it.

Posted By: Alan Date of Posting: Nov 30th, 2013

I love dealing with Rob and his team of talented installers, from start to finish, they want to make sure you're happy with your product. Ive had my audio and car starter installed before here and I'll tell you, I will never go anywhere else, this place is top notch

Posted By: Kristen Date of Posting: Nov 25th, 2013

Rob and his team made buying a car stereo a great experience. With electronics, there seems to be a point of marginal returns where you need to spend a lot more money to get a small increase in features and performance. Although I did a fair amount of research on the web, I still didn’t feel like I understood where that “sweet spot” was. Rob and his team patiently took me through the features of a number of different units until we identified one that had the right features and fit my budget. The installation was quick and professional. The results looked and sounded great. The price was competitive. And their product knowledge is second to none. I have been very pleased with my experience at Extreme Audio. I think you’ll be pleased too.

Posted By: Rick Date of Posting: Nov 23rd, 2013
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