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What a pleasure it is to do business with Rob and Team Extreme! I needed a small upgrade to my stock speakers on a very limited budget, Rob treated me like a million dollar customer. Very patient, friendly, and took the time not only to make sure I was happy with my purchase and install, he took time to treat me like family. Very highly recommended!

Posted By: Debi Mather Date of Posting: Aug 13th, 2013

What an honest, informative and talented couple of men operate Extreme Audio in Manchester CT! I spent about a year researching my options for a stereo setup for my lifted GMC pickup. I decided to go with a shop closest to my hometown. Boy, what a mistake! I thought I was getting quality speakers for a decent price. I learned quickly the speakers they installed were not the speakers I paid for. When I went back to confront the owner, there was a sign on the door saying they were on vacation. Last month I came across Extreme Audio on the Internet. One of the installers, Shawn, spent quite a bit of time on the phone with me discussing my options in detail. He never rushed me and was very informative. I drove to the shop that afternoon and was greeted by the owner, Rob. He was also extremely patient and informative. Not only were his prices fair, but he gave me a mini lesson in his field as well.I made my choices and Rob got the ball rolling. I was a little uneasy going into the process, because of my previous experience but was quickly put at ease. Rob was extremely knowledgeable and understood how much my truck means to me. Within a few days, Rob called to say my special order was in and said I could come in for the install at my earliest convenience. During the install, they discovered quite the mess the previous shop had made. They showed me what the other shop had done and explained to me why it was bad. Not only did they do an amazing job, but they fixed the wreck someone else had left and gave me a lesson during the process. I absolutely love my system and am looking forward to going back and having them replace my door speakers as well!! Thank You guys!!!

Posted By: Jayne Date of Posting: May 07th, 2013

Rob at Extreme Audio is the man to see for audio work in your car. He was knowledgeable, easy to talk with and fair, and his crew did an outstanding and fast installation. I am very happy with my new Alpine unit.

Posted By: Doug Maher Date of Posting: Apr 27th, 2013

For anyone looking for audio upgrades to their vehicle, you owe it to yourself to stop by and see Rob at Extreme Audio. I met with Rob several times over a couple week period to look into different options to replace my factory sound system. Rob was very helpful and patient in explaining the benefits of each choice. His tech's did a great job installing the system and were able to adapt to some issues that were discovered as the install progressed due to how the existing system was installed. Rob is also very fair in putting together package pricing.

Posted By: Jeff P. Date of Posting: Apr 22nd, 2013

I was tired of walking around Best Buy and PC Richards with nobody around to help or care, so stopped by Extreme, and Rob had me sold within minutes. I explained what I wanted, needed, and gave him an idea of what I wanted to spend and he walked me through the options that made sense for ME, and not just for his bottom line. The speaker install took a little longer than expected because of a bunch of broken glass that was hiding inside the speakers and under the seat/rear deck, but he took care of it no problem, and didn't charge me extra which I appreciated. I'll go back whenever I need something, and will recommend to my friends!

Posted By: Steve Date of Posting: Apr 15th, 2013

Just got a new head unit and sub installed in my new ride. Extreme was extremely knowledgable and professional about the whole process. They knew what would sound the best in the car. I have to amit that I did not know what to put in it to get some decent sound but now thanks to extreme car sounds AWESOME!!! They even helped me link up my new cell to the blue tooth. Very well done and professional. Costed exactly what they told me it would and done exactly when they said it would be done. Well worth your time and money!

Posted By: Karl Date of Posting: Apr 08th, 2013

I initially found Rob at Extreme Audio when I wanted to upgrade my remote car starter so that I could actually start it from my desk at work (quite a ways away from where I park). In the past I'd had trouble at big box stores with long wait times for install and I felt like I knew more about the products than the employees at the big box store. Not the case at Extreme - Rob and his team are extremely knowledgeable about the products they sell and got me into a Compustar remote starter with the Drone the same day and now I can start my car from across the country if I wanted to!

Posted By: Robin Deans Date of Posting: Apr 07th, 2013

I recently had the pleasure of doing business with Rob and his team at Extreme audio and performance. I had previously had a unsatisfactory installation experience at another area shop. The guys at Extreme audio were very professional and efficient at fixing the substandard work provided elsewhere. Not only was I highly satisfied with the fix, it was completed in a timely fashion and as a senior citizen found their service fees very fair and affordable on my fixed budget. These guys know what they are doing and truly take pride in their work. The way I was treated by Rob and his staff will make Extreme Audio first on my list for any future car audio needs. I strongly recommend this highly professional establishment to anyone who is looking for quick, efficient and reliable service for their car's electronic needs. A++

Posted By: Lorenza Dunlap Date of Posting: Apr 07th, 2013

Just left the store this afternoon, and I'm pleased to say that I continue to be impressed with Rob Lewis and his business. I had purchased a Pioneer system a few years back, and Rob assisted me at the time with getting my handsfree Bluetooth hookup working with my cell phone. (I qualify under the description "technically challenged"!) Just purchased an I-Phone yesterday, and was having difficulty getting it to connect with the system. Stopped in, Rob personally came out to my vehicle, and within about two minutes it was working perfectly! What a breath of fresh air, to have a businessman in our community who continuously displays the old-fashioned ethic of ensuring that one's customers are always satisfied. Thanks again, Rob.

Posted By: T.R. Paulding Date of Posting: Apr 05th, 2013

Compared to other shops in the area, Extreme Audio and Performance are the friendliest and most accommodating. They also work very hard on keeping their store updated with the latest goodies. Pricing is very fair, especially if you pay with cash. I am a repeat customer and have brought mine and my parents' cars and have not been disappointed once. They stand by their work, and don't hesitate to find the root cause if something goes wrong. Will return for future upgrades.

Posted By: Anthony Date of Posting: Mar 29th, 2013

I started going to Extreme about 3 years old. My family has had 4 car stereos installed by Extreme. We are happy with the units and installation of the stereos.

Posted By: John Seifert Date of Posting: Mar 16th, 2013

I'm a repeat customer that trusts the guys at Extreme Audio with my baby. The guys have fixed other poor installs, given me sound and clean work they stand behind. If you love your ride and looking for a shop, these arre the guys.

Posted By: Chris Carey Date of Posting: Mar 16th, 2013

I'm a repeat customer that trusts the guys at Extreme Audio with my baby. The guys have fixed other poor installs, given me sound and clean work they stand behind. If you love your ride and looking for a shop, these arre the guys.

Posted By: Chris Carey Date of Posting: Mar 16th, 2013

There isn't a lot of room to fit a subwoofer in a Chevy Crew Cab. After going to other audio stores and trying on-line, we decided to stop in to Extreme Audio. Shawn found the perfect sub and amp, then did a great job installing it the same day. My upgraded system sounds great and it was all done exactly at my budget. After doing business for years at another audio store, the way Rob and his staff treated me will make Extreme Audio the first place I go from now on. Extreme Audio really puts the customer first.

Posted By: Bill Tice Date of Posting: Mar 10th, 2013

Talk about outstanding customer service! Extreme audio and performance work speaks for it self. Don't waste your time anywhere else.

Posted By: Frank Yearwood Date of Posting: Mar 10th, 2013

Great customer service and speedy installation, these guys gave me what my car was missing. Highly recommend!

Posted By: Brian Bozzo Date of Posting: Mar 10th, 2013

I would like to thank Rob and his crew for fixing the hack job that another shop performed on my car. Extreme was very professional and willing to repair the substandard install that was done by the hacks in West Springfield MA. If you are looking to have work done, look no further, these guys know what they are doing and they take pride in their work. Thanks again.

Posted By: Zsolt Szedlacsek Date of Posting: Mar 02nd, 2013

I brought my daughter's Mazda in to find a new audio system. Rob helped me find the right system within our budget, and it was installed in about one hour. It is very easy to operate, including all the Bluetooth features. In fact, I like it so much I'm thinking about asking Rob to install the same system in my other car!

Posted By: Richard H. Date of Posting: Mar 02nd, 2013

To make a long story my wife sends me to get a dvd deck installed in our hummer as soon as I brought it in Rob was very HONEST with me and quickly advised me not to install it. Food for thought... When the installation charge cost more than the deck Do Not Install... lol Rob and his team were very PROFESSIONAL and they stand 100% behind there work. If you're looking for Honest, professionalism , and superb knowledge of audio equipment don't even waist your time shopping around. You cant put a price on piece of mind !!!!!! See you really soon Rob.

Posted By: Eddie Date of Posting: Mar 01st, 2013

I stopped by Extreme Audio And Performance last Saturday, to have someone take a look at my radio which wasn't working, the Gentleman at the counter was very nice and helpful, he explained that my radio system I had was done!! and I needed a new one. I explained I only had a certain amount of money on me, and did not want to be broke for the weekend, The gentleman was so understanding and told me I could pay him what I had on me, and bring back the balance due, next week. I was so surprised, but happy to have this type of service. and to Top it off, I find out that he is the owner Rob.

Posted By: Antoinette Holliday Date of Posting: Feb 28th, 2013

Went to Best Buy and was told it would be two weeks before they could install my subs and amp in the car. Found Rob at Extreme Audio and Performance online. Called and not only did he install my equiptment the same day, but in an hour and a half. Definitely recommend the services here. Rob knows his stuff and the prices are very reasonable.

Posted By: Kwame Davenport Date of Posting: Feb 28th, 2013

I would like to thank Rob and his staff at Extreme Audio for doing a excellent job installing the infinity speakers I bought for my Malibu .Friendly ,knowledgeable and in about 1 1/2 hours.Best buy wasn"t going to do it until March 9.If you need audio work done to your car,trust Extreme Audio for fast ,professional service.Thanks Rob!

Posted By: Dave Picard Date of Posting: Feb 28th, 2013

Want to start by giving a huge thanx to Rob, Shawn and Joe... These guys are great. I had bought an alarm from another dealer years ago and after some time had problems with it.. Tried to get support from the dealer I bought the unit from and they didn't even want to know who I was.. Had made a phone call to Extrem and these guys were great.. Even tho I didn't buy from them they helped me fix my problem and they were great.. After everything was all said and done I have a new dealer where I do my business now.. once again big thanx guys will see you soon.

Posted By: Victor Matos Date of Posting: Feb 24th, 2013

needed a radio for my truck, walk in was greeted right away and was in and out no hassle, they know there shit, treat you right and i got what i needed, that's the way i like to do business and the price was great thanks guys.

Posted By: frank Date of Posting: Feb 22nd, 2013

So I have been searching for car audio places to install my subs and I heard about Extreme Audio through my cousin him who had a great experience with this store. Right away the people are very nice and are on the ball. They got my car in and out within a matter of a couple hours! I couldn't of asked for a better place to go to. The owner Rob and everyone who works there are very nice and professional. I am pleased to say that I got a great price through them and the work is very clean (Way better and cheaper than ATD). I would suggest this place for subs, tints, and car starters and anything else. Everything is very reasonable and you feel very welcome! I will be going back next week for my lifetime guaranteed tints, A+ rating!

Posted By: Mehmet Topal Date of Posting: Feb 19th, 2013
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