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7 Reasons Why to Have Window Film Installed on Your Vehicle

Decrease Heat
Today's window film can provide up to 63%* solar energy rejection versus untreated automotive glass. A cooler interior provides more comfort, and can significantly reduce air conditioning usage, thus extending the life of AC systems and improving gas mileage.

*Films for buildings can protect up to 81%.


Reduce Fading
Automotive window film blocks 99% or more of harmful UV rays while also significantly reducing heat. Reducing these two primary causes of fading helps to protect and extend the life of all of your vehicle's interior including seats, carpets, wood trim and dashboard.

Diminish Health Risks
Exposure to UV rays from the sun is known to pose potential health risks for your eyes and skin. Window film provides an effective "sunscreen" for you against the harmful effects of the sun.

Cut Hazardous Glare
Glare from the sun or headlights at night can blind your vision when on the road. This dangerous condition can be greatly reduced by tinting your vehicle's side and rear windows.

Increase Safety & Security
Thicker "automotive protection" films can provide an extra level of safety in case of an accident, and security for your possessions from smash-and-grab car theft.

Enhance Appearance
There's a variety of window film products to suit any type of car, truck or SUV. From virtually invisible films to darker colors, there's a range of shades to give you the look you want.

Fast & Professional Installation
Professional installation is quick and simple. Most vehicles can be tinted in a few hours.

First, I wanted to get my windows tinted for a few years, but didn't want to spend the money I was quoted by a few places, so, after I went to Extreme Audio to inquire about an alarm, I saw they did the windows too.... They were a hundred fifty+ less expensive than my other quotes, plus, the tint film they use offered great UV protection (which keeps the heat out), and I was totally stoked when I discovered how much COOLER the car was with their tint on the windows. Hot sun all day, with a sun shade in the windshield, and the water in the car is still COOL, after 8 hours!!! The alarm, which was the basic alarm, (I wished I had gone for the remote starter, for a few bucks more....) was installed in exactly the time they said it would be, but the windows, much faster than expected, on a separate day, so I have to say, I am EXTREME LEEEEE satisfied with both the services.... THE BEST part...??? An alarm system/lock/unlock, and awesome windows tint for 400 and change ....! (I mean REALLY....??? Peace of Mind, a super loud ALARM, blue light alarm indicator, with a FREEKIN' MILE-esq range on the alarm remote....Installed, for 200$$$.......??? Some spend that on nothing, in a weekend.... This was some of the BEST $$$$ I have spent !!!) Perhaps after I start working again, I will upgrade to the remote start.....(and part of the amount that I paid was because they had to unwire, and remove, an old alarm system, "pre-me".) I have returned twice to have them look at the alarm, once for nothing other than I was clueless, and today, because I managed to somehow manhandle the remote and set it in Valet mode...... both times, the guys were pleasant, and the attention was free... I recommend EXTREME AUDIO, highly, for BOTH price and a job well done! Thanks Guys, for a job WELL DONE!

Posted By: Frankie P

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